Tuesday, January 22, 2013

{21 days: day 16}

I have to tell ya, I've really enjoyed this exploring, desensitizing, weaning from dependencies, time alone. I enjoy my mornings with a prayer and quietness. I know this is when my God speaks to me.

How does God speak to you? 

I read this in Jesus Calling by Sarah Young: (if you don't have this book or app, you NEED it)
your security rests in Me alone-not in other people, not in circumstances. 
Wowza! You say. I know.

If I could make this my mantra everyday, life would be _____________. 

The thing that I'm learning is that this IS SUPPOSED TO BE OUR MANTRA EVERYDAY!
People don't determine your security. My circumstances don't determine my security. You see, the reason I started this fast was to listen. Listen to the answers of: What is God teaching me through our miscarriages? Why now? Why not teach me in a less "blow to the heart" sort of way? I am fearful of the future because of my past...How can I let go of fear when the past has hurt so bad? 

Because I wouldn't listen if it were less of a blow..

So now that He's gotten my attention. He's teaching me that I am not in control. My circumstances should not make me fearful of walking the tightrope with Jesus. He has everlasting arms. 

The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.
Deuteronomy 33:27

I have a dear friend who I had lunch with yesterday and I was able to talk about all that I am learning. She said,"Leah, you need to know that having children is a process of realizing you are 100% out of control. Only God can create a person, breathe into it life..and in the end redeem it from the world! Let God teach you these things and trust Him enough to believe that He loves YOU enough for this all to be worth it when you are holding your sweet baby in your arms.."
You wish you had a friend with wisdom like that, huh? She is pretty amazing. 

Thank you for stopping by to Her Sea of Love to check out what's been goin on. I had a great weekend that included a puppy, Waylon's 3rd birthday, grassy fields, and Valentine decorations. 


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