Friday, May 25, 2012

that isshh is BANANAS!

happy summer! 
i've stumbled across my new favorite summer treat!

1. slice up a banana and put on wax paper
2. put a dab of peanut butter on top
3. melt chocolate with some milk
4. completely cover your banana slice with chocolate!
5. put in the freezer for a few hours and 


Monday, May 21, 2012

hippie rags

you know, doo-rag...
the bandana that bikers wear..
hippie rag
the old scarf, or piece of fabric, or vintage concert-t that hippies wear.
i am in love with this style for the summer!

how to fix your hair before the hippie rag
b&b surf spray. you can spray on wet or dry hair!
{sephora, $32}

so my hair would look like this...
{don't you love her hair color, and her tan?!}

and then just tie the rag around your hair!

i used an old scarf from the winter that i loved the summer-y flowers on. tied it behind my pony tail and let one side drape long over my shoulder. perfect for the dave matthews concert on a hot summer night!

happy monday!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bahstan Runnah

Boston is on my list of FAVORITE cities!
As soon as we arrived the town was buzzing with runners from all over the world and even the signs in the airport welcomed us to the famous Boston Marathon. It was incredible. 
The food is amazing. The weather was gorgeous. The tulip gardens, the cannolis and the cities history all were my fav. 

 {Billboard outside of the galleria of shops.}
So, if you aren't a runner, I'll explain. Marathon runners wear these 'space blankets' (sort of like foil) to regulate their body temperature after the finish line because it drops drastically. 

 My family in the beautiful public park walking distance from our hotel.

On the Sunday before "Marathon Monday" we visited the oldest Baptist church in Boston.  It was beautiful and historic. Very NOT southern Baptist like we are used to. The minister gave a blessing of the athletes.

On the duck tour in the Charles River, of course dad is driving the his Boston Marathon florescent green jacket.....

Lobstah Roll at the Barking Crab.  Oh my gah. 

It was, historically, the second hottest race in 116 years. Over 4,000 runners dropped out and 3,000 didn't even start. The winner of last year's Boston, dropped at mile 18. 
My dad finished. BOOM! Shaka laka.