Monday, May 21, 2012

hippie rags

you know, doo-rag...
the bandana that bikers wear..
hippie rag
the old scarf, or piece of fabric, or vintage concert-t that hippies wear.
i am in love with this style for the summer!

how to fix your hair before the hippie rag
b&b surf spray. you can spray on wet or dry hair!
{sephora, $32}

so my hair would look like this...
{don't you love her hair color, and her tan?!}

and then just tie the rag around your hair!

i used an old scarf from the winter that i loved the summer-y flowers on. tied it behind my pony tail and let one side drape long over my shoulder. perfect for the dave matthews concert on a hot summer night!

happy monday!

1 comment:

Willie and Melissa said... are the cutest thing ever in the "hippie rag." I would look like a total dork! Hope you had fun at the concert!