Saturday, January 21, 2012

"....and His banner over me was love."
Song of Solomon 2:4

I've been looking at all of the online inspiration for banners. I am making a few for baby showers, sweet niece's 5th birthday... so many cutie, sweet, lovie choices!

listen to: The Stable Song by Gregory Alan Isakov
look for custom banners here:  At Company B
read: Song Of Solomon 2:4

Monday, January 2, 2012

{2012 resolution}

this year instead of making a list of 10 new years resolutions,
that i probably won't keep.
i'm going to have just one word.
one word that i can keep reminding myself. 
one word that i can become.

Be fearless.
If I only make one resolution this year, let it be to
live boldly.
I control this moment. 
Rather than cautiously test the water,
dive straight into life with freeing abandon.
Imagining the person I want to be and the life I want to live.
Believing in myself and my family.
Embracing beauty.
Discovering new passions.
And whatever I do,
wherever I go,
don't be afraid to make a splash.

clementine hunter

while we were visiting family in louisiana,
we took a trip out to see a few of the plantations on cane river.
i fell in love with the history, the huge trees, and the stories.
i also fell in love with an artist.
clementine hunter.
granddaughter of a slave. grew up on a plantation. never learned to read or write. but in her late 50s taught herself how to paint. her paintings depicted life on the plantations.

{cotton pickin' time by clementine hunter}