Friday, August 3, 2012

friday faves

Hello! Happy Friday!
I hope you find time to relax this weekend 
and if you live in Houston, visit 
White Linen Night in the Heights! 
Its a fun night of local music, food and friends 

FRIDAY FAVE #1. Missy Franklin Nails
Missy Franklin is one of my favorite Olympians this year! She's so young and fabulous and her nails are AWESOME! 

FRIDAY FAVE #2. Trader Joe's delicious Yellow Peaches
These yummy summer treats are so sweet with yogurt and walnuts. 

FRIDAY FAVE #3. Anthro Hair Ties
These soft cuties come in every color, even tie-dyed!
photo credit:{}

FRIDAY FAVE #4: Leather cross wrap bracelet
Shop: {StyleLoveLiving}

FRIDAY FAVE #5: Ellie Goulding
listen: Lights

Happy Weekend lovelies!

friday fave link up @ {The Bargain Blonde Blog}


Lindsey said...

um how gorgeous is your friday faves button you made? I want to steal it! (but I won't). OK, so I just got emi-jay hair tyes in the mail. I just realized I was wearing it all wrong last night and that is why I had a crease this morning. Thank you for showing the pic of them in the hair. I am an idiot!! hahahaa

Nicholl Vincent said...

Missy is so great and humble, i love her!

have a great Sunday! drop by and say hi!

Leslie said...

I have one of the cross bracelets from Style Love Living!! I am obsessed with their jewelry!
And I think I have eaten my body weight in Trader Joes peaches...they are seriously the best!!