Tuesday, December 13, 2011

i have used every excuse in the book. 
and now i regret it. 
heaviest weight i've ever been.
so i decided yesterday that starting 12/13/11 
i was going to loose 15 lbs.
and i'm going to be real honest with myself. 

here's the deal. 
i can run several miles. 
but i can eat every calorie (and more) that i burn.
so here's my meal chart.

and my exercise plan is to keep training for my 
12, 12, in '12.
12 miles per month. (logged races) but 20-25 miles per week training.
12 months
in 2012.

weight training on tuesday/thursday

so, here we go! 
HT: 5'10"
HW: 170
CW: 170
GW: 155

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Willie and Melissa said...

Leah - You are beautiful and inspiring, and I know that you'll accomplish ANYTHING that you put your mind to!