Tuesday, August 2, 2011

{rev up YO' runs}

i know what you're thinking..
 i'm bored running circles around my neighborhood.
 my running group is non-existant. my cotton t-shirts aren't cuttin it. my shorts aren't too cute. and my shoes suck. my ipod hasn't been updated since 2005. 

you're welcome.

{marathon book by hal higdon}
 greatest trainer/runner. read his book. go to his website.

{run for your life 
tank from www.lululemon.com.}
its not so tight around the mid-section for all of us "still working on that"

{run speed short from www.lululemon.com}
flattering on everyone. built-in dry fit panties. comfy waistband. zipper pocket for your things

{asic lightweight shoe}
everybody's feet are different. go see a shoe specialist at Lukes Locker. tell them I sent you.

{any dry fit sock will do. these have a little extra padding in the heel for those loooooooong runs.}

{polar heart rate monitor}
keeps your pace, heart rate, distance, total time. good for learning your pace.

{moving comfort sports bra}
hands down best sports bra for the 
voluptuous lady. i consider myself a connoisseur. 

{polar sports water bottle}
comes in lots of cute colors. its insulated because its 204*F outside right now. easy grip to carry with you while you're jogging.

put this on your ipod:
RATATAT: Mirando
BON IVER: Towers
MGMT: Pursuit of Happiness


now. go run. enjoy your run. sweat it out. love your body. 


Leslie Coxon said...

I have been looking for a new "running" book to read on my Nook! YAY! And I am in desperate need of new running clothes...I just don't want to spend tons of $$ until I lose some lbs.
Love your blog Mrs Leah :) xo

koppelmom said...

You da man!