Tuesday, May 21, 2013

coconut love

good morning!
i've got a new love for your tuesday.
i love it in my coffee, candles, oils, and breakfast.

you can buy organic coconut oil at trader jo's and there are so many great recipes! 
for your hair and face, for your protein smoothies, for your cakes and cookies!

 or look at her nail inspiration for a summer time beach getaway! 
 {photo cred: free people}

my favorite coconut mango candle from anthropologie. 
{buy it here.}

woodlands peeps: have you tried dosey doe's coconut coffee?? oh, my. 
p.s. they don't have it at starbucks! gotta go to your local coffee shop. 
{p.s.s. i know they also have it at common grounds in waco}

this was a fun week around the Ford casita. 
dave matthews concert, my birthday, & a little summer vacation for me!

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