Tuesday, October 30, 2012

my baby june,
when i daydream about you, you are a chubby and blonde
happy when you are in the summer sun
so many times, when i lie awake at night, i wonder who you would've been
class president or class clown
you would've been our first born and taken after your dad

your big brother, waylon would have loved to swim and play fetch with you
and your dad would kiss and rock you all day
you had a radiohead onsie and lots of UT stuff

i get to see your face in the yellow roses that were planted for you
you were gone so fast, my sweet summertime baby june

take good care of baby may.

my sweet baby may,
i actually got to see you several times, although you weren't here long
i would often touch my belly to pretend i was holding you
we prayed and prayed for your heartbeat
you were gonna be my mother's day present, or even share a birthday
your dad and i are still so sad that you are gone

when i daydream about you, you are sweet joy with curly hair
i often image you are my flower child
you already had a tie-dye blanket ready to rock you to sleep (from your Fifi)
the yellow butterflies remind me of you

you had an aunt judith, mary and sarah
and an uncle jordan, casey and jeff who prayed for the little miracle that you were

you had 4 great-grandparents who i thought you would carry their names

your bammy and fifi cried when they found out about you! in the middle of black walnut cafe over pumpkin pancakes

we would've shared a birthstone (and i think personalities)
my sweet baby may, lily of the valley
i'm so glad that when you open your eyes, jesus will be rocking you to sleep

mom & dad miss you.


Jen said...

Thinking of you often. Praying for a peace that passes all understanding. Your sweet Baby May and sweet Baby June are getting to play with my Baby August. Hugs to you.

Katy & Bryan said...

i love you, and your sweet babies. if they can't have you and Duncan, i'm so glad they have Jesus. praying for peace. you are so strong.

Ashley E said...

even though we haven't known each other very long, i hope you are aware i consider you a very dear friend, leah
my heart aches for you and duncan, and the sadness you have experienced recently.
i have never read anything more heartfelt~ you are truly a beautiful soul. i pray for you. love you