Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday finds me....

Tuesday usually finds me,
drinking coffee & working in my pjs...
watering my plants, doing a load of laundry,
lunching with a friend, going for a jog or a swim.

Yesterday was my first day back at the office after a 2 week vacation.
It was so nice to be back! I've shared with many of you that this is the first time
in 10 years that I will only be working 1 job! 
I am so thankful. 

So, it was time to tidy up my office after being out for so long. 
I found this adorable FREE printable calendar to hang right next to my phone. 
I love that it has the moon phases drawn in. Each month as a hand-drawn picture of an herb. 
So lovely.

I also can't wait to for these little lovies to arrive 
just in time for D+me's beachy vacation to the Dominican Republic.

I can not wait to meet this little lady today! Happy Birthday little Baby Evans!

Happy Tuesday,

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