Thursday, April 12, 2012

i think i'll go to boston

tomorrow my family (sans lil bro) 
will be flying out to boston, ma.
d & me are super excited! 
we've been working so much lately and are really looking forward 
to eating lobster rolls, walking around harvard campus, 
watching dad run the marathon, and being away for a long weekend.

while we are there, we plan on sight seeing all day saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday...
so, i was shopping for awesome fanny packs. and lo & behold there are some amazing new designs!
perfect to fit a small camera, shopping money, cell phone and little charms you pick up in the city. 

{mark jacobs}

{free people}

{lulu lemon}

 i like this inspiration of kim k.'s travel outfit. 
comfy chinos, easy on/off shoes, 
scarf to keep warm on the plane, 
easy hair, and blue blockers?

meanwhile little Waylon will be hanging out with his friends at Willow Creek Ranch.
running, playing, swimming, fetching. 
he's gonna be in doggie heaven.

can't wait to post pictures for you to see when we get back!
have a fabulous weekend!

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Leslie said...

How fun!! I love Boston!! Make sure to get a canoli at Mike's Pastry!!