Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Clean Eating....you can do it.

The crew had Easter brunch at our house this year.  It was different, delightful, and delicious. We decided to have a "clean" meal of grilled peaches over pork chops, sweet potato fries, fresh green asparagus, a basil-watermelon salad and mint tea. Nothing we ate was canned, fried, buttered, sugared....and it was delicious! We even had dessert! of clean carrot cake with fresh lemon icing!! If our family can do it, so can yours...

Here are the rules of clean eating: 
1. Choose fresh, unprocessed foods over canned or processed products. 

2. Eat lean meats, and choose organic or grass fed meats when possible as these foods are usually clean of pesticides, hormones and additives. Grill, broil or steam your meats rather than frying.
3. Try not to purchase foods that have more than 3-6 ingredients in the ingredient list.
4. Avoid sodas and high calorie, sugary drinks. Follow the tenant of clean eating that aims to remove added sugars from the diet. Choose water or tea for your beverages.

5. Lower your saturated fat intake by avoiding fast food, choosing lean cuts of meat and getting your fat calories from foods like nuts and fatty fish.

6. Eat several small meals to keep blood sugar stable and to avoid overeating.

Happy Eating!

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Yum! Who cooked?